Protecting Baby Against Toxins in the Home

Nothing is more exciting than when your baby starts to move around, crawling through the house at (almost) breakneck speed and pulling himself up against doors, tables and cupboards. As enthusing as seeing your child reaching these milestones might be, it also opens up a whole new world of worries which includes trips, falls, cuts, burn and exposure to toxic substances, especially in the kitchen and bathroom.
Every day, more than 300 children in the USA are treated for varying degrees of poisoning according to the CDC. Harrowing though this might sound, it is good to know that exposure to toxic substances can be prevented by taking a baby proofing your home in a few basic and easy-to-follow steps.

kid and toxins in the home and garden

Say ‘No’ to a toxic kitchen

With all our degreasers, detergents, gas emissions, and insect repellents, our kitchens have become the toxic hot-spots in the home. While it is common sense to store cleaning materials in their original containers, far out of reach of children, it is important to remember that a curious child is able to find just about anything, regardless of how well-hidden it is. Instead of risking exposure to harmful substances which includes detergent pods, opt for nontoxic cleaning brands that aren’t harmful to children. Don’t forget to put child-proof latches on all cabinets and install carbon monoxide detectors that will alert you of any possible gas leaks.


Alcohol can be dangerous too

While it is often considered humorous when an adult is intoxicated, the same does not apply to a child. Even a small amount of alcohol can cause severe alcohol poisoning in a child, often with grave consequences. After a party, make sure all glasses are empty and don’t leave any half-full bottles or cans within a child’s reach. Your liquor cabinet should be locked at all times and take care to place all refrigerated alcoholic beverages at the top and to the back of the fridge.


Keep your Bathroom incident free

Apart from having to safeguard against water dangers in the bathroom, it is pivotal to take care to keep all hazardous substance out of the reach of a child. The importance of only storing medication in a locked cabinet cannot be emphasized enough while shampoo, perfume, aftershave, hand sanitizer, and cleaning products should all be kept out of reach as well.
Always dispose of any unwanted medication in a responsible manner and never just toss it in a rubbish bin where an inquisitive child can get hold of it. Installing door locks and pinch guards on your internal doors will prevent your small children from roaming the house freely while also preventing their little fingers from getting slammed in doors.

As parents, it is our first and foremost priority to keep our children safe. Baby proofing a house should be at the top of the list of things to do when thinking about starting a family. If you are unsure of where the potential dangers in your garden or house may lurk, crawl around on your hands and knees to get a baby’s perspective of your surroundings – you might be surprised at exactly what you discover.

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