Frequently asked questions about green energy living

Green living is much more than just buying the local produce and driving the fuel efficient cars. There are a lot of myths about green living which are required to be cleared.
questions on green living

FAQ on green power living.

  • Question: Will planting more trees helps lessen the global warming?

Answer: This is not true in the context of colder areas. The regions on high latitude warm up the earth by planting the trees. The trees are thus only beneficial in urban areas.

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  • Question: does choosing paper bags instead of plastic bags contributes towards the earth’s well being?

Answer: Both are bad in context of carbon emission. Though the plastic bags are a total disaster but the other one is also not the best option. The most effective and practical option is using the reusable bags which can be used number of times.

  • Question: Is travel through road is better than through air?

Answer: Whether travel in a car or a plane its one and the same thing unless and until one uses a biofuel efficient car. Also try to own fewer vehicles or use the telecommuting option for traveling to the place of the work.

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  • Question: Is buying locally grown food is feasible in order to go green?

Answer: While buying any food the most important thing is that how it’s produced. The food must be organic in nature to be called the greener one in the true sense. Whether its home grown or being purchased from the supermarket, the type of the food determines its worth.

  • Question: Are electric cars more environment friendly?

Answer: The place where the electricity is generated through coal the environmental friendly notion is not true at all. The electric cars in these places are bound to emit carbon dioxide in great number. Otherwise the renewable energy generated electric cars are good for the environment.

Exploding these questions is important to attain the positive results in the green living context.

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