Economics of Renewable Energy

5 Things You Can Learn From Buddhist Monks About Renewable Energy

Nowadays even Buddhist monks are campaigning for renewable energy as a means to deliver electricity without adversely affecting the climate. They came together from Thailand, Japan, China, Tibet and other countries to spread awareness about renewable energy sources. Released sky lanterns and praying before a 80 feet tall Buddha statue in Bodhgaya.

renewable energy its time for change

1. Fossil fuels are used to make energy we use, but as it is non renewable energy sources, once the resources are gone we will never get more of them. Coal, oil, and natural gas all fall into this category. They are used all over the place in high amounts so you may not realize that they are in limited supply. These forms of nonrenewable resources have been used mainly because they are affordable and they don’t take up very much room to incorporate. They can be transported anywhere they are needed as well. With natural resources there have to be certain elements in place in order to take advantage of them.

2. The concept of sustainable energy embraces the ability to use the resources we naturally have, but that we will never run out of. This way we can continue to have all the benefits we want without destroying the Earth. We also won’t be preventing future generations from having the chance to future grow and evolve beyond what we were able to see take place in our own lifetime. This process involves taking these types of natural resources and turning them into a product we can use for power.

That means a great deal of information and technology has to be collected and evaluated.

Many of these methods though continue to see advances in the designs and processing which will result in them being even more valuable in the future than they are right now.

3. Most will agree that green energy sources are better for the environment. The burning of fossil fuels including gasoline and coal isn’t good for the environment. These natural resources will allow us to save resources and at the same time to live in a cleaner environment than we have now.  Many believe it isn’t practical or safe to depend only upon these types of resources though. That is because the sun doesn’t always shine so the sun energy can’t be collected. There are many places where the sun is blocked for days due to the changes in the seasons.

4. You can’t predict how much wind power will be produced or how much energy can be taken from the water. It will vary significantly but there is no reason why we can’t rely upon these alternative energy sources as the primary providers. We can then depend on fossil fuels as back up so we never have to go without the energy we want to use.

Chances are you have heard about the various renewable energies but not in detail. Keep on reading and you will get all the information you need including the pros and cons of each type. You will find each of them does offer some hope for the future though as far as reducing our dependency on those resources which we can’t replenish.

Some Types of Renewable Energy.

5. When you think about the natural things around us a couple of things come to mind. First, you have the sun that continues to shine brightly in the sky day after day. It gives off a great deal of heat which can be converted into energy. The sun shines brightly some days and then is covered with clouds other days. So the amount of solar power you can collect each day is going to vary.

Next, you have water which covers the majority of the surface of the Earth. There is also the additional moisture and rainfall that can be collected as time goes by. Water energy is found in the oceans, dams or rivers as they move along and this can be converted into energy at hydro-power plants.

Even if it is just barely there on certain days, you also have the wind. In some areas it is extremely windy all the time. In order for the equipment used to create wind power to be worth the cost it must be blowing most days at a speed of at least 15 miles per hour. Most people view that as a nuisance but they don’t realize the full potential of it. They aren’t really aware that the wind that is all around you can be used to create renewable energy. It is also very clean for the environment so you don’t have to worry about negative effects from it.

Biofuel is also one of the alternative power sources and the one most people know the least about. This concept involves using types of renewable materials that you can transform to create energy. There are as many types of biofuels as there are plants to create bio fuel from. The two most known types of bio fuels are biodiesel and ethanol. It can be developed from organic materials like corn, soybeans, sugar cane, jatropha, rapeseed, fiber, algae or even animal fat, just to mention some.

Recently interest has grown in the burning of garbage, but waste-to-energy incinerators remain a controversial topic. Energy-from-Waste plants  may offer a safe technologically of waste disposal while generating clean, renewable energy. Don’t underestimate how valuable it can be as it also removes waste from our environment.

These are all quite interesting concepts about eco power.  More and more alternative energy solutions for communities and private home owners will be available in the next decade.

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