Frequently asked questions about green energy living

Green living is much more than just buying the local produce and driving the fuel efficient cars. There are a lot of myths about green living which are required to be cleared. FAQ on green power living. Question: Will planting more trees helps lessen the global warming? Answer: This is not true in the context of colder areas. The regions…

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Recycling and Waste Management

recycling and waste management a cyrcle

Want to step up your recycling and waste management? As an individual you can’t control factories pouring toxins into water ways or prevent oil leaks that endanger some species, but you can make an impact, none the less.  How?  First, by not adding to the madness and wasteful ways others are handling items and materials that can be recycled and…

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Difference between conventional and clean tech business

clean tech business for green future

What are the differences between a conventional and a clean-tech business? For better understanding, clean tech companies are those organizations that design, develop or manufacture clean technologies or providing supporting services. Clean energy is a sector within the larger field of clean technology industry. Conventional business / Cleantech business 1. will be mostly of product improvements / clean tech business…

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