Simple Ways To Reduce Paper Usage In Your Home

Without realising, we get through a lot of paper in our homes. Small pieces here and there really add up, so if we all make a conscious effort to reduce the paper usage in our home, it will make a big difference. We’re here with small changes for a greener home that will not only help you reduce paper, but also money over time too! With a bit of effort you can make a big difference. 

Swap Paper For Reusable Where Possible 

First up, identify any single use paper products you use in your house and swap them out for reusable options wherever you can. Things like paper napkins can easily be swapped for cloth versions or change out your paper towels for cloth towels. Over time, these changes make a huge difference, and although they might require a small amount of upfront spend, the amount of money you will save over time is amazing. 

Have Reusable Note Pads

If you’re used to writing to do lists or meal plans on paper notepads, get yourself some permanent form of a notepad. This might be a magnetic one to go on your fridge or perhaps a chalk one that can hang up in your kitchen. Using a couple of pieces of paper a week might not seem like much, but this is a great swap that can also act as a pretty design feature in your home, as you can get really beautiful and unique chalkboards. 

Consider Your Online Purchases

If you shop online a lot, then you’ll know that there is a lot of paper packaging involved in the process. So, where you can, walk to your local shops to get whatever you need rather than ordering online, or try to look for retailers who use eco-conscious packaging that can be fully recycled. 

Get Reusable Snack Bags

Many single use snack bags are either paper or plastic, so as an alternative, get yourself some reusable snack bags. Not only are they more eco-friendly, but you also have the benefit of them being more diverse, for example being able to easily freeze them. You can get reusable ones of all different shapes and sizes for use at home, at work or anywhere in between. They’re also more durable so you run less of a risk of unwanted spills! 

Make Your Correspondence Paperless 

One of the best things you can do to quickly and easily reduce the amount of paper in your home is to get in touch with anyone who sends you correspondence via the post and ask them to start sending it over email. Everytime you get a letter through the post, whether it’s from your dentist in Wakefield, your bank in London or your insurance company, contact them and ask if it’s possible to make all correspondence paperless going forward. Not only is it more efficient, as you can have organised folders in your emails so you always know where everything is and also have everything you need on the go, but it also helps the planet. It’s a win-win! 

Send Digital Birthday Cards

A new fun and eco-friendly alternative to enter the gifting world over the last few years has been sending digital birthday cards. Not only are you reducing the amount of paper usage (which would likely have been thrown away pretty soon!) but you are also reducing your impact on the postal transportation services. Plenty of websites allow you to build interactive and fun cards, personalised with your own text and images, which can get sent directly to them on their birthday. It’s something a bit different, it’s cheaper and you’re helping the environment. 

Repurpose Paper Waste For Crafts and DIY

Removing the use of paper in your home completely isn’t always realistic, so, if you do have paper waste, make sure that you repurpose it where you can. These make great activities to do with your family or friends, including origami, making handmade cards, turning paper into envelopes, for painting or anything else! You could even use the old paper to create your own paper if you wanted to. Not using paper at all is the best choice, however repurposing whatever you can will still make a big difference compared to it going to waste completely. 

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