Handy Recycling Ideas To Implement At Home

Over $9million dollars of materials are tossed away each year; a large proportion of which can reused in other ways. The average American discards seven and half pounds of garbage each day. The benefits of recycling have been widely publicized and for good reason. By recycling, you are protecting our natural resources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and making a difference in your environment. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that recycling and reusing activities in the United States contributed to 757,000 jobs in the economy. If you haven’t already, getting started in recycling can be fairly simple and one of the best places to do so is at home. Most recycling ideas are relatively simple and can be easily incorporated when considering the design and decor for your home.

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Considerations Before You Begin

Before you get started, it is important that you get to know the rules of recycling. Find out what is accepted and what is not. Many communities have local recycling programs which can provide a wealth of ideas and information. In addition, there are many useful websites offering information on the recycling categories and the rules applicable to your specific state. Once you are armed with the knowledge, it is time to start implementing some of those ideas at home.

Set Up A Dedicated Shopping Corner

Each time we head out to the grocery stores or shopping elsewhere, we require bags to hold the items bought. By eliminating the use of plastic and paper shopping bags, you are not only reducing the number of trees used but you are also reducing the energy used to manufacture and break down these items. One easy way to implement this at home: set up a dedicated shopping corner complete with shopping list pads, loyalty cards and reusable bags. By keeping it all one place, it becomes easy to grab everything when heading to the store and reduces the chance of you forgetting your reusable bags when heading out the door.

Consider A Compost

Each day, Americans waste over 150 000 tonnes of food each day, according to researchers at the US Department of Agriculture. The wasted food not only clogs up landfills but also releases greenhouse gases. By installing a compost in your garden, you could be saving your household money and reducing your carbon footprint at the same time. In addition, you can avoid any negative footprints of garbage scrap systems installed in the kitchen. Best of all, you can then use your compost in your garden or choose to sell it to community farms.

When landscaping your garden, take into consideration a good location for a compost bin where you can toss food scraps and leftovers. If you would rather not have your composting done at home, there are community food scrap collection programs available in several states across America. These programs will collect your food waste and take it to a local composting site.

Ditch The Bottles And Install a Filter Tap

Finally, another simple recycling idea to implement at home is to ditch plastic bottles and install a filter tap at home. Over 91 percent of the plastic bottles used are not recycled, leaving them to pile up, with dire consequences to the planet. Start small at home by removing bottled water and opting for a filter tap or filter jug. Americans spend over $4 million dollars on bottled water each year, a number that is rapidly increasing. With more companies getting behind the sustainability movement recently, there are also thermos and filter water bottles that can replace plastic bottles when on the go. By using a filtration system, an American household of four can save over $2,800 each year.

It is no secret that recycling is important to ensure the future of the planet. By starting small, before you know it you can experience the wonderful benefits of living a sustainable life at home. Not only will you contribute to the Earth’s wellbeing but you will also end up saving your household money. So why not make the effort?

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