Making Corporate Companies Greener in 2019

With so many warnings from environmentalists about the future of our planet, it’s more important than ever for businesses to take responsibility. It’s never too late to implement new practices into your work culture to help tackle the problem of pollution. Don’t know where to start? For any go green company here are some ways you can make your corporate company greener in 2019:


Switch to Post-Consumer Waste

With the rapidly advancing developments in technology, it’s easy for a company to go paperless. Wherever possible, eliminate the use of paper entirely. However, if you do need to print something, ensure you’re doing so on eco-friendly paper that’s been recycled.

Making post-consumer waste paper (PCW) uses 45% less energy than traditional papermaking processes. It also creates half of the waste than typical methods. By purchasing products that are marked PCW you’re helping reduce your impact on the environment.

Cutting Down on Energy Usage

Having an external energy audit conducted on your business by corporate solicitors can often give you an idea of just how much energy your business uses. Simple tasks such as sealing leaks and cracks in a building can cut a staggering 20% off the costs of your heating and conditioning bills. This, in turn, helps the environment.

Moreover, an easy way to sustain an eco-friendly business is by implementing restrictions on energy usage. This could be through not leaving machinery on ‘standby mode’ or simply having automatic lights that will switch off once your employees have left for the day. You can also use LED lights or compact-fluorescent lights, which last a lot longer than traditional bulbs while also using much less energy.

Use Biodegradable Cleaners

You may not realise it, but using natural, biodegradable cleaners instead of standard chemical ridden products can improve the air quality in your workplace – as well as benefitting the environment. It reduces your exposure to harsh toxins and therefore decreases the risks of such substances making their way into the atmosphere. Equip your cleaners with only eco-friendly products from now on.

Replace Outdated Equipment with Greener Options

Once your computer or machinery has come to the end of its lifespan, replace your outdated equipment with greener, environmentally friendly options. In many areas of the country, businesses and households can sign up to purchase ‘green power’ from their energy supplier. This power is generated from renewable-energy sources like solar panels, wind turbines, hydropower and plant matter. Though this may increase your energy bill, it’s worth it when you consider how much it helps the planet.

Being Smart About Procurement

For any go green company, knowing exactly where your suppliers get their materials is a crucial step in becoming more eco-friendly. Make checks with your suppliers to ensure the materials you use don’t contain any harmful toxins that can be difficult to recycle/decompose in the future. Additionally, where possible, use local suppliers as opposed to businesses overseas to cut down on your contribution to carbon dioxide emissions.

Utilising Green Web Hosting

Bizarrely, there are a number of green web hosting companies that take part in a variety of eco-friendly activities. Actions such as planting trees, using renewable energy and buying carbon offsets and renewable energy certificates to reduce the environmental implications of running their servers and infrastructure can all make a huge difference. Furthermore, most go green web hosting companies cost the exact same as companies using fossil fuels. This switch should be a no-brainer.

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