Make Your Garden More Environmentally Friendly The Easy Way

When you are creating an eco friendly garden, then thankfully there are a number of different things you can do to build a self-sustaining gardening environment which not only reduces waste, but is also more dependent on renewable energy sources too. Local wildlife is more likely to visit your garden if you are providing a wide range of suitable habitats, which then boosts your gardens eco-system in a more natural way.

butterflies in an eco friendly garden

Gardeners play a huge role in lessening the ever-expanding pressures which our eco-system faces. Studies have recently shown that eco friendly gardening has a positive impact on slowing down the effects of climate change, as well as reducing waste and minimising energy usage. If you find your garden dull and uninspiring, then consider making your garden more environmentally friendly to bring it a new lease of life.

Attract Garden-Friendly Insects

Beetles, ladybirds and lacewings are some of your garden’s best friends and whether you love or hate creepy crawlies, there’s no denying that they work wonders for your garden. There are many insects which can be hugely damaging to your garden and harmful to your plant life, so encouraging more garden-friendly insects is a must if you want to naturally protect your garden.

sunflower with ladybugs in anenvironmentally friendly garden

Ladybirds eat aphids, so if you find that you have an infestation, then consider planting marigolds, sunflowers or candytuft to naturally encourage ladybirds to make a home in your garden and minimise any damage that these insects have caused.

Sustainable Garden Accessories

If you think about your garden, then you might notice that a fair amount of your garden furniture or accessories are made from non-sustainable_materials, such as plastic. If you want to make your garden more environmentally friendly, then you should try and deviate away from plastic items and instead invest in wooden or ceramic accessories.

use deko-wood for more environmentally-friendly gardening

Cane furniture, which has been treated with non-damaging sealant or varnish, is far more eco-friendly than plastic furniture and looks much more appealing in your garden. Wooden garden toys are easier to find than plastic ones these days and can be easily incorporated into your eco friendly garden. Wooden garden toys, playframes and swings also look much more natural in your garden than those with metal or plastic frames.

Create A Compost Bin

Sure, you can purchase soil from a local garden centre or hardware store, but compost is a vital supplement to include in your garden’s soil. Not only is the composting process an easy way to provide your garden with the nutrients it needs to thrive, but it also provides a more satisfying solution for both the environment and your wallet.

a compost-pile in an environmentally friendly garden

When you add compost to your garden, you are introducing new microorganisms which will help break down the material and encourage plant growth, aerate the soil and prevent plant disease from spreading through your garden. If you want to set up your compost bin, you simply need to start collecting compostable ingredients, such as coffee grounds, fruits, vegetables, eggshells and weeds. Happy DIY Home has just published an updated, comprehensive guide on diy compost bin – it is completely free.

Avoid using bones, meat and fish scraps, as these will attract nasty and unwanted pests. Once you have got your compost heap together, all you need to do is spread the mix of waste over an area in the garden which gets some sunlight as, when the weather conditions are right, the compost will further decompose and benefit the garden.

Whether you are looking to be more sustainable in your everyday life or just want to make your garden more welcoming and appealing, there are so many different ways you can do so without needing to worry about the effects on nature.

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