How The Glyphosate EU Ban Could Impact Our Industry

The glyphosate EU ban

The news that we will soon be banned from using glyphosate has caused a nationwide divide. With many health experts applauding the ban and others in professional sectors calling for a rethink, Lycetts — a crop insurance supplier — investigates the benefits and harm of outlawing glyphosate. The popularity of glyphosate Many people won’t have even heard of glyphosate herbicide, but…

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Organic Pest Control – A Natural Approach In Your Garden

Are you looking for organic pest control in your garden that is less environmentally damaging, more natural and less toxic to non-targeted insects like bees, mammals and aquatic life? Good news, there is an abundance of plants that can be used for their natural insecticide properties.  Over 1500 are presently being used for control of pests.  This provides a variety…

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Bio Energy – the Future of Renewable Energy?

bio energy power plant

Bio energy is the most widely used renewable and alternative source of energy in the world. It provides about 10% of the world primary energy supplies. This kind of green energy has the potential to move the planet into a more sustainable future. Bio energy is a vast area that can be broadly divided into 2 sectors: bio mass energy…

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Biofuel a Source of Alternative Energy

renewable-energy-global effect

Biofuels are produced by converting organic matter into fuel for powering our society. This biofuel energy is a great alternative energy source to the fossil fuels that we currently depend upon. What are biofuels? Ethanol and derivatives of plants such as sugar cane, as well as vegetable and corn oils. However, not all ethanol products are designed to be used…

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