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By-product of syntec process is char

The by-product of the Syntec process (BTL) is char and it turns out that char might be one of the best soil conditioners we could ever utilize in a process called Terra Preta.

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Coal gasification cheaper than biomass gasification but costlier than GTL

Coal gasification is cheaper than biomass gasification, but more expensive than GTL. CTL will start to really come on strong as natural gas and oil both head down the other side of the depletion curve

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NOx a problem in gasification

Although wood chips are easier to use in biomass gasification, the targeted biomass feedstock in this project is corn stover, whose nitrogen content presents a challenge, Brown said. The nitrogen in the feedstock itself, along with nitrogen from the air in some processes, increases nitrogen oxide emissions (NOx)?gases with a far greater GHG impact than carbon dioxide. - Read More

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Complex diagram of biomass to chemicals

Here is another intricate diagram of biomass to chemicals...this is for Parkavi and Mathu to review and digest - Read More

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Cellulosic ethanol is dead; long live biomass gasification

"Cellulosic ethanol, and by that I mean cellulosic ethanol in the traditional mold of what Iogen has been working on for years - will never be commercially viable." - Robert Rapier - Read More

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Choren plant fuel yield and electricity yield

The new Choren plant, utilizes forest residue and waste wood and will take in 68,000 tons of biomass per year and produce 18 million liters of diesel and 45 MW of power. - Read More

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Capex costs for various bifouel processes

The problems with biomass gasification aren?t technical, they are economic. According to the EIA?s Annual Energy Outlook 2006, capital costs are $15,000-20,000 per installed barrel for a conventional oil refinery, $20,000-$30,000 for an ethanol plant, around $40,000 for gas-to-liquids (GTL), around $60,000 for coal-to-liquids, and around $120,000-$140,000 for biomass-to-liquids. - Read More

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Biochar is a waste product from gasification

The main "waste" product from gasification is charcoal. For every pound of chips you put in, you get about .5 pounds of charcoal out the bottom. Importantly, this charcoal, has a plethora of uses: it can filter water, it can be used as a secondary fuel source (it cooks veggie brats nicely!), or it can be used to create Terra Preta or Bio-Char. - Read More

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Biomass Gasification List

A nice list on BG, lots of updates and resources - Read More

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Biomass Integrated Gasifiation Combined Cycle System

Nice schematic - Read More

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